I like a boy but his best friend likes me, help!

Okay, so I like this boy but his best friend likes me. The boy that I like always stares at me, when I'm sad he always manages to poke at me, and do anything to try and cheer me up. I'm good friends with his best friend and I never feel sparks or anything, just funny friends, turns out his best friend likes me. I told the best friend that I only saw him as a brother, every time I hugged the boy in front of his best friend, he would pat my back, I think he did that because he didn't want to be a bad friend to his best friend. I really like the boy, and I'm not sure what to do, should I let the best friend's feeling fade while I work on the boy? I definitely feel butterflies when I talk to the boy, his smile, his personality, everthing! :) What should I do in this situation? Please help.


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  • if the best friend doesn't know that you like the boy then you gotta let him know! it might be an issure between the boys though since they are friends first before you got involved. if you're lucky the best friend can put his feelings aside and let you and this boy explore what you have together! but stay friends with this best friend guy just so he still feels important. I had experience with this once and instead of talking to my friend that had feelings for me I just ignored the issue and ultimeatly ignored him. my boyfriend and I are still together but now I am treating the best friend just as a friend and he understands that I only care for him as a good friend now that were a little olderand more mature good luck!

    • I have a feeling that if I tell the best friend that I like the boy, he might tell a lot of people! He told a bunch of people about him liking me, so I'm afraid he'll do the same. I'm going to try and give some stronger signals to the boy, do you think that'll work? I feel like every time I'm around the boy, all he does is stare, he goes out of his way to stare and he has LONG staring periods.I just don't want the best friend to be offended, or tell the boy anything that could push the boy away.

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