What should I do with my ex I miss her?

My ex fiancé decided to break up the engagement cause she felt pressured. My ex fiancé has two kids and of course the crazy ex husband. I feel like she might get back with him cause he likes to sweet talk. He cheated on her for over 2 years. Anyway I am scared and I am so hurt and I miss her. I want her back so how could I win her back. She has not contact me or even called and it bothers me. Anyway its going on 4 weeks. My ex still has some of my things. She has the ring and other things. Even the wedding decorations. I spent so much money on the ring and wedding decorations. We are both under there family plan from Sprint so I am paying the bill. However, I sent her a text that I would have my friend pick up my things; but she said "no, don't that please. I am sorry for everything. I am going to give your things back. I'm not going to keep them" and she also said "I'm really sorry and I still plan to give you money, cause I been working." I guess she want to give money for the phone to be turned off and give me money for the wedding decorations. Why is she holding on to my things? Do you think shell return them? Do you think she still has feelings for me? I want to win her back. Please give me some advise


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  • i think she does have some feelings for you, go around to 'pick' up your things while your there ask fir a chat, ask her if she want back in to the relationship,tell her how you feel and reassure her there is no need to feel pressured.

    maybe she is holding onto your things because she does still love and care for you and isn't ready to let you go completely. I wouldn't leave it any longer..4 weeks is a big gap any longer will just emotionally separate you two even more so.

    good luck and I hope she realizes what she is missing out on.


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  • this means she is taking her own sweet time to decide... she thinks hanging on to your things will keep you around... that's unfair on u... but life's unfair

  • Time is a healer as you probarly heard but maybe she is just talking her time to get her head cleared and stuff I doubt she will go back to her ex husband if he cheated on her I mean why would she ? also of course she still has feelings for you or else she would dump back your stuff and not even offer to pay back money as for winning her back well that's a tricky one because she needs time to sort her life out and who knows she could come back my advice would be to keep clear of each other for a while ye both need a break and maybe after a good bit tell her how you still feel for her and maybe ask why can't ye still be friends ii mean I don't see how ye couldt keep on being friends and if ye do well maybe a spark will light again somewhere along the way :)
    hope I helped you :D
    oh ! would you mind answering my question please its just I need more mens advice :P if you message me ill send you the link :D
    thanks & hope I helped you :)

    • She has not text me or called me. does that mean she hates me or is not interested. She even took my off your FaceBook. why am I hurting to much. What makes hard her daugther is in my class cause I teach computers. Do you think the ex husband puts thoughts in her head. how much time should I give her so I could call her. and should I still pay for the phone

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    • I met her at work. I am teacher assistant and she is a Sub, so she was subing. Do think her having my ring still is a good or bad sign.

    • Oh well does she still work with you ? and yes it means she still has not decided what she wants and maybe she still wants to keep part of you .

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  • My idea would be telling her how much she meant to you after you take her out in a romantic date but make sure its not the date you two remember - it has to be new and up to date then when the date is over you tell her how much you love her and will always love her than you present her with a gift that she will remember for the rest of her life that you are the one.

  • She still has feelings for you. She does not want to let you go because she knows how (based on your level of explanation) caring and honest you are. If you believe she is the one, pursue her till the end of time. "Love is of many designs but it takes a true heart to chase what they feel will change their lives" and she seems like the one that has changed your mind and you to her. Good luck my friend.

    • im going through similar things, except my ex wants us both to move on, woman say one thing when they really mean something else, and can be very stubborn, but a have never felt so determined about anything to get her back despite what everyone else says. so listen to your heart and go for her. you got nothing to lose ;) chin up buddy. can only get better

    • how can I win her back? DO you have any ideas?

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