Does it take a while for a guy to get over a girl he cares about?

Even if it was over before anything really began but he had a real emotional attachment to her, would his feelings for her still exist?


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  • Of course he could still have feelings for her. I think the only time I would lose any feelings for a girl is if she really disrespected me or chose another guy over me. Other then that I would probably always like her.


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  • Took me three months to decide I didn't want to be interested anymore and another two months to no longer feel emotionally connected to the girl I used to like.

    • it takes a lot for a guy to open his heart, and it takes a lot more to pick up the pieces, most guys can't move on as easy as woman, don't mean to be sexist, but its how it is. from ym experience anyway.

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys move on a lot quicker than girls do, even if they were horribly heart broken. Most likely takes a few months, as oppose to girls (I took a year and a half to get over my ex). Dating another girl helps him, but it shouldn't be right away. My current boyfriend was single for a year before we started dating, and I'm pretty sure I helped him get over her earlier before we started to date. Unless its "Meant to be", he should move on from her within a reasonable time period.


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