Why do guys like playing games with girls head?

This guy I know acts like he likes me one day and then the next doesn't want to talk to me at all. I really just want to know if it's worth it to stick it our move on?


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  • Pretty much guys learn through trial and error that if we open up to soon and show we are to into you girls typically either run because they feel things or moving to fast or become bored. Girls like the challenge they like not knowing 100%. Now you may not be thinking this in your head but how you act and what you do is based off emotion not logic. I would stick with it. It seems he likes you but as a guy we learn feel things out. We give a little to see how you act then back off a little to see how you act.

    • :Really?is that for real? so I guess that's the reason why he dump me and want me back again because he think I'm not serious..etc

  • He's playing with you.

    You should move on.


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