I hate being really independent?

I am only 21 years old and throughout my entire life I have been really independent. I feel like my personality is a negative effect when trying to find relationships, whether it be making new friends or looking for guys to date. I would rather go to places alone (like shopping) than bring anyone along. I realize that I am so independent that I don't have close relationship bonds with most of my family members and close friends. Its my last year in college and I know there is a guy who likes me but I have been ignoring him because I know that I will hurt him in our relationship because I feel like I will make him feel "useless". As a matter of fact, I have never had a boyfriend because I feel like I don't need them even though I would like to have one and this is making me sad. I try hard to not be so independent but I just don't know how. Does anyone have great advice?


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  • I could sort of identify with what you're going through. Are your guys part of the same group of friends. If yes, get acquainted with his friends. If not, that's OK, you could still try to be friendly with him. And see what happens from there.

    Being independent is a pretty good quality. I sort of the same, I always need a bit of alone time at the end of the day to recharge. So I'm not sure how that quality would lead you to hurt him. Maybe, you've made some presumptions about how you would behave if you two are eventually in a relationship. Thinking too far into the future doesn't really help. So rather focus on creating a bond with him and that way you'll know how to get to the next stage.

    Good luck


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