Why would a girl not text back?

Ive been talking to this girl for a few months now. Everytime we talk we have good conversations. The last time I texted her she didn't text me back. That's not like her to do that. I just don't understand. I don't know if I should text her again or just forget it. Girls, why do you think she would do that? I thought things were going good.


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  • Well if its more of a you would like her to be more than a friend and she knows that.. she might be seeing if you really care enough to text her again. or she might not have gotten the text which is always a possibility or she could have been busy and just have forgotten to answer.. just forget about it now and try texting her again tomorrow to see what happens but if its a normal thing to text her a lot.. chances are she isn't just ignoring u

    • I haven't told really told her how I fell about her yet or that I've want to be more than friends. so you think maybe she's trying to see how much I care about her?

    • its possible.. she might just be seeing if you wuld come and rele tell her how you feel

  • If you text her a lot, she always answers, and you have real flowing conversations, something probably came up. Maybe she's busy. Maybe she's not home and can't use the phone. Maybe her phone died and she lost her charger, or maybe it broke. I'd say wait a few days, and if you still don't have an answer, text her again. If another few days go by and you dn't hear from her after that, just ignore her until she comes back. you don't want to turn into a stalker either. But if you talk a lot she probably isn't ignoring you.

    • this was yesterday and I haven't heard from her

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    • no I havent. if you don't want to be clingy wait a few extra days. but if you never text her again she may also think you just don't care. wait until mon/tues then, but then don't keep doing it if you don't get a reply from there.

    • k ill try that. thanks for your help

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