Ex boyfriend texts every day and drives by my house at night?

I was with my boyfriend for 5 years and he said he needed a "break" to figure some things out. I'm just going to say we are very open and honest with each other as we are very very close and I know he had been having a rough time lately. After a while, I told him he can't keep me hanging on forever not knowing if he's going to end us or not. So he came over and said he wanted to break up because making me wait is unfair and we were both very very upset, him even more than I. Since then, however,he texted me every day and at first I was lost and confused but I talked to him anyway because I still love him very much. He has admitted to driving by my house sometimes, from what I gather he does it a lot. He even wanted me to come see his new apartment and we saw each other a couple times but he always tries to kiss me. We both still have feelings for each other, its obvious and we have so much fun together even being broken up, I don't understand the reason for this. Since he can't keep it platonic until he figures this out, I told him we probably shouldn't talk or see each other until he knows what he wants. Am I doing the right thing? Because this is killing me... and is there any hope for us to be together?


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  • It's self destructive to keep hanging around him if he doesn't know what he wants. Tell him that he needs to figure out what the hell is going on and what he wants. If he says that he is not sure or he wants the physical part of your relationship and nothing else I think it's time to move on. You guys were together for five years of course it's hard to move on, but it's going to be so much harder to let go if you keep hanging around him. Tell him that the signals he is giving you are confusing and that he needs to figure out what he wants. You need to do what's best for you. definitely confront him though. I hope this helps good luck!


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