Will he dump me over this? Please help!

I've had a rough time recently: my friend died over Christmas, and I spent a lovely Christmas holiday being closer to my boyfriend. So I was quite sad to go back to university. The first two weeks didn’t go so well; I started to miss home, missed my friend's funeral and had arguments with people on my course; as such, I felt my course was going nowhere. This made me feel I was useless, and wasting my time at University. When my boyfriend came down this weekend, I couldn't wait; it started off great till the day he had to leave. The fact I wasn't going to see him for 2 weeks after made me feel worse. I really miss my friend, miss home, miss him, and feel frustrated about my course. I do have a good group of friends at University but I need to make sure I'm doing something worthwhile.

On the day he had to leave I was quiet and a bit sullen. He knows its been a rough few weeks but I've been really down about things, and I'm afraid It's being going on for too long. I'd been in tears on the phone to him a few times about it. I'm sure he understands. I'm a worrier and I'm scared I'm going to push him away. I really want to talk to him about it and be reassured I'm not going to lose him over this.


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  • Nah he won't. He will understand that you're really going through a rough time and you need his support. If he doesn't, he's probably not in the relationship for the right reasons. Like you said, you're a worrier so just calm down. Next time you talk to him, tell him how much you appreciate him for staying with you through this rough patch your going through.


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