Guys, do you still care about your Ex?

But don't talk to them or see how they are doing?

Please don't say ex is an ex for Some say that because they are too lazy to answer the question.

Whats wrong with every blue contact with an ex? only if your not married...

How do you know if a guy doesn't talk to you because he is hurt or doesn't care for you?


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  • It's not easy to tell that and maybe even impossible. I behaved the exact same way both when I cared about her and when I didn't care at all. Because if you care... you don't want to be thinking about her all the time and avoid contact and if you don't care than you just don't bother even replying.

    I think casual talking is alright but the thing is that most people are not capable of that. Especially the people who insist on staying friends at all cost... I managed to stay friends with a few exes without deliberately trying to do so but the ones who are really determined to stay friends are mostly just trying to play games.

    I understand the concept of liking someone and wanting him to do well and hear from him even though you can't imagine yourselves together but I only rarely see it work. Both people need to look after each others feelings and one little misstep can end it all.

    One of my examples would be her telling me she misses me, cries after me and that she never wanted to leave me but she had to because I was mean to her. You could argue that it should have made me feel flattered but she was basically telling me how she broke up because 'I was immature and she couldn't see a future with me' for months and brought this basically when I finally regained equilibrium and felt better than ever.

    • so a guy that doesn't care wouldn't reply to a an ex?

    • No he wouldn't... but the thing is I also wouldn't reply if I was hurt or rather angry. I can deal with refusal quite well so I mostly get over a break up really fast and don't mind talking to the girl afterward even if I was initially "hurt". It's the times that I get really angry at her for being played that I don't even reply

      There is no definite way to tell what he feels other than asking him. If he ignores you, just assume he doesn't care. You will never know until you talk it out anyway.

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  • I think it depends on the guy. For instance I'm a pretty sensitive guy so when I am into a girl I'm really into her. So if things don't work out for me to heal I need to stay away for a while until I get over everything. I may be thinking of her the whole time and missing her the whole time but know better. In your situation I don't know exactly what happened so I really can't elaborate. If you care to share more details I'll try to be more detailed.

    • i agree with bigworm, I'm just like him. no matter how much I could be over someone I still think of them. I have an ex from 3 years ago that I still check up on her. we don't talk but I still think about them.

    • how do you check up on her just facebook?

  • I think everyone has ex's they care about in some shape or form. Other's have girls they still love. It's not that easy to move on for someone you shared big parts of your life and self with. Sometimes its just easier not to talk to one another because it rekindles pain and makes you miss them, or they have someone else that makes things difficult. I personally try to be mature and am always there for any of my ex's.

    • How do you know if a guy doesn't talk to you because he is hurt or doesn't care for you?

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  • my guy has an ex that he talks to on occasion after they broke up and he still wants to know what she is up to. they dated when she was a sophomore until she was a senior and then broke up. He learned through email that she moved to CA and is a secretary and trying to go to school to become a massagist. he also knows she is dating a new guy, who is a dj and she likes to go to raves and dances. he still knows a lot about her, and know about every detail of her life. he still wants to know her, I feel kind of close to her just because he talks about her so much.


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