Will my boyfriend cheat on me if he's cheated in the past?

I've been seeing my boyfriend for a couple months and I found out that he cheated on his last girlfriend of 3years (they thought they were going to be together forever and get married and all that). He also tried to cheat on her with me twice. He says he loves me, and that he would never do that to me, but he probably said the same thing to his last girlfriend. I have a pretty guarded personality and I think it would just mess with me if he did cheat on me and I found out, so I just wanted to know if he might cheat on me too if he cheated on her.


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  • He might, he might not. I don't think you can assume that because someone cheated before, they will cheat again---just as you can't assume that because someone has never cheated, they never will.


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  • Well from the sounds of things. Yea if he's cheated on people before. What makes him think he won't do it again.

    Then again I don't know who this guy is or if he really means what he says to you. He might have changed or he might have not. If it was me with my girlfriend, if I found out if my girlfriend cheated on past boyfriends, then yea I would have ended that a long time ago.

    All I can say is, watch your back and keep an eye on him.

    I hope things turn out OK for you :)


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  • Since he cheated on her he will cheat on you. Maybe with his ex. Its a viscous cycle that kinda keeps going with some guys.


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