For some reason, I’m missing my ex after more than a year of no contact and it really hurts, what do I do?

So I’m 19 and in college. My ex boyfriend and I met from my best friend giving him and I each other’s numbers and telling us to text each other cause she thought we’d be great together with similar personalities. So he messaged me and at first I was careful not to rush cause I had my heart broken from doing that. So every day he messaged me, he always made me laugh with funny pictures and videos (we also followed each other on social media) and he always knew how to make me smile and would do anything for me (bought me a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day but never gave it to me because of how we never got to meet in person because of how short the relationship was). One day, he wanted me to call him on the phone cause he wanted to hear my voice and I got nervous for some dumb reason and so then he started getting angry and upset at me and made up a sudden excuse that he can’t pay his cell phone bill anymore and had to give up his cell phone, I was crying telling him to not leave and he said that he’s not going to break up with me and that he’ll keep in touch through e-mail. But he never did. One day on my SC, I saw his Animoji character change and so I got suspicious and checked his Facebook. I saw that he hooked up with another girl and is in a relationship with her. I got so upset that I messaged him how does he have the nerve to turn around, leave, and cheat on me like that. He messaged me back saying that he was sorry and that he quote on quote “had to forget I existed”. I was so upset that I said something like, “please never message me again since you don’t know how to be a serious guy” and I blocked him from all social media and never contacted him since.

again I don’t know why I miss him all of a sudden. I guess he was the only guy who treated me right and spoiled me cause no other guy thinks I’m beautiful and funny (even though I don’t believe them)
8 mo
and we also first met in the month of January which was over a year ago. I don’t know what to do, I just want to get over him without thinking of him again, what do I do? I’ve tried to be more outgoing but that doesn’t work. I appreciate all answers, thank you
For some reason, I’m missing my ex after more than a year of no contact and it really hurts, what do I do?
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