My ex won't tell his girlfriend he's living with me.

So I invited my ex to move in with me after 7 months of being apart, he agreed because he wanted to move back up to Boston to go back to school and whatnot. Since he's been back we've hooked up every night. He tells me he won't break up with his girlfriend because he loves her. Yet he won't even tell her that he moved back up to Boston to live with me. He's been with her for 3 months and we were together for 3 years. I broke up with him. Should I let him make his own decisions or urge him to tell her at least that he moved in with me. What I feel he's doing is morally wrong.


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  • You feel he's doing something morally wrong by not telling his GIRLFRIEND that he's living with his EX-GIRLFRIEND? You're his ex-girlfriend and you're hooking up with him WHILE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND and offered to let him live with you? You're the one whos morally wrong here. But go Red Sox!

    • Yes, we fell back into thing. I'm really shy to tell you the truth, I like the guy to make the first move. The first night he came back he snuck into bed with me. I do feel terrible for her, and he refuses to tell her that too, he said that it's something he had to go through in his life.

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