My man doesn't really text me much anymore?

When we met we definitely clicked right away. We were friends for a few months before we started dating, and we would hang out and text all the time. Earlier this month we started dating and all of a sudden things just seem sorta different. He works all the time and does not text me much anymore. I know he's a guy and that's just how they are, but he used to all the time? And wouldn't he want to talk to me because we can't spend a lot of time together lately? I know he is not cheating for a fact. But I am starting to wonder if we may have rushed this relationship just a little bit. Like he doesn't even text me back sometimes or text me goodnight much anymore it pisses me off.


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  • I am sorry to hear this. I think he is backing off. Do not text him anymore - let him miss you. I know it sounds hard, but that is the only way to find out whether he is into you or he lost his interest. Good luck!


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