Does an ex call on special occasions?

I broke up with my ex last June 2010. Communication lines were open for a short time until Nov. 2010. ( I discovered something my ex never told me) Today was my birthday (1/23) and no kidding at 12:01am my ex called me to wish me happy birthday. Come to think of it...he messaged me at Christmas to wish me happy holidays too. My question is...his calling me the minute it turned my Bday mean anything? I'm thinking perhaps it might because I always though ex is an ex and usually there is no communication, but clearly when I least expect it, he pops in my life.


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  • I'd be really happy if my ex called to tell me she had AIDS or was going to go crash her car into a telephone pole.

    • Whoa...sorry man. Karma!

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    • Wow your actually f***ing funny

    • Just honest. She deserves gangrene or something of that nature.

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  • They do. If your ex really cared about you than they want to show it. Be happy but if they were the bad ex then maybe they changed. It's good to believe the best in them.


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  • i think this just means that he is a kind person. but I wish so many boys and men merry Christmas and happy birthday. I don't think it means something, its just more curtesy.

    • good point and I'd agree however calling at precisely 12: 01a seemed a smidge extra hence my curiosity...hmmm...thanks for your input.

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