Left a regretable voicemail

I have been dating someone for a short time, and we became intimate real fast... actually we did everything fast and it feels right. The last 2 times we were suppose to meet he bailed and this last time I left a voicemail telling him he could mail the money he borrowed (20) to me and that we were obviously looking for different things, I wanted more then a one night stand. We were suppose to have dinner at 7 and I didn't hear from him till 9:45. He called to apologize and said he'd call bck briefly that he was called in (military), he hadn't yet listened to the voicemails, I told him sorry for them and that I sent it because I thought I was being stood up again (nite before apparently he was called intoo). He hasn't called or returned my apology text, and I don't want to lose this strting relationship can I fix this at all? I don't want to call anymore and bug him. ... thanks


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  • Only way to fix it is to quit freaking out and over-reacting. You are already pushing him away. You just said you have been dating him for a short time and you are already thinking about a relationship. Trust me no girl or guy wants a girl that available. Try to spend your time on yourself and doing things you enjoy rather than spending your time thinking about having a relationship with him.

    Every relationship needs a balance of space. Right now you are too clingy at the start and if I was him I would be scared. You better start showing that you have your own life and are not waiting for him. Next time he texts or calls tell him you are busy and that you'll talk to him tomorrow. Make him chase you so he appreciates what he gets. You make it easy a guy will never appreciate you.

    • I should add that I have not initiated any phone calls/texts etc. I am also not the one that brought up a relationship, he did & then said he didn't want to scare me away but he was thinking we were already there. I did call to apologize this morning on his voicemail and then deleted him from my phone, balls in his court.

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