How can you tell if a pair of people wants to be left alone?

When I'm at a big party where everyone knows each other, like a class cohort or a hobby group, normally I can walk up to any conversation and start chatting with the group. But when a guy and girl are talking to each other, and as far as I know they aren't dating each other, how do I tell if I can join them? Do women or men give any body language to show that they are trying to flirt and that I should leave them alone?


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  • if they're looking into each others' eyes and seem to see only each other, then leave them alone


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah the body language I look for is how they have their bodies turned to one another. If they are both facing each other with their bodies parallel they are into each other engaged in a conversation.

    If one of them has their body perpendicular to the other person and just their head tilted listening / talking to them they are not interested in the conversation / person and you can approach that person.


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