Possibilty of getting back together?

so me and my ex were together for a year, got engaged and planned on getting married. she ended up telling me she had interest in another guy, it upset me quite a bit. than she asked how she could resolve the problem. I told her to stop further contact from him. she got mad and said no that she won't stop talking to her friends. so I left her knowing that she still wants interest in this guy. well a week later she begs me to give her a 2nd chance so I did, than one night I talked to her on the phone and she was hanging out with another kid alone. I was very frustrated. after we got off the phone she ignored me the rest of the night, than told me her phone died...i didn't believe it. so I left her again. she than comes back again begging for a 3rd chance and that she will make things right...i loved her so much so I gave her another chance. well as time went on I realized myself worrying about what she is doing and finding out that no matter how hard I try, I can't trust her. I told her this and said that we need to break things off for good. she got pissed started calling me a liar and that I broke a promise of giving her a 3rd chance, I got mad and we exchanged words. I told her I can't trust her because she is always doing stuff behind my back. on halloween she wore a slutty costume when she knew I didn't feel comfortable with it, than she gave her number to another guy. I told her that she wanted to be a slut for a night. I felt bad and shouldn't have said that. well she tells me I never loved her and that our relationship was a lie, and that I'm a total d*** and to controlling of her. I'm controlling of her because I'm across the world right now and didn't want her hanging out with certain people. I eneded up hanging up the phone on her thought about it all night and told her sorry the next morning for what I said, but that I didn't regret it. we both need to move on. she than replies I don't think we should talk again until your home, you remind me to much of my ex.

what does she mean by talk when I get back? she's completly confused, and always wants to be with me or date other people, its not one thing.


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  • She's a prick since she has no respect for you. Surely, hanging out with friends is fine but just herself and another brah? Something sketchy is going on. As for Halloween, it's bit over-rated and I do feel you about your ex-girl making herself look slutty and GIVING HER DIGITS TO SOME MOTHERFUCCER~ that's a big NO-NO (in my type of long term relationship).

    Find another girl who will respect herself, you, and everyone around. Also responsible and mature.


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  • why do good guys end up with bad girls and vice versa ...?! it's frustrating but I am glad that you were smart enough and ended-up this relation. wish you good luck in your next choice :)

    • because its hard to find girls/guys that are trustworthy. todays society sees cheating as being acceptable, therefore its hard to find someone that you can trust

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    • huh?

    • yes,

  • she is not going to change.. so you decide whether you can live with it or not


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  • First off when a girl begs for a second chance tell her that second changes are not GIVEN they are EARNED based on her actions. Look what you need to do first off for YOURSELF not her. This is for YOU so you can RESPECT YOURSELF. Is to just ignore her don't give her the time of day and move on. You don't put up with this crap for anyone and you are a lot better.

    Right now you don't love her. You love how she can be. Well she is not giving you that and probably never will. Don't talk to her don't play into her games. You will find something better out there. If she is gonna change it will take months to a year or more. Don't wait around if she does infact change and wants you she knows where to find you. But don't take her back as this she needs time to grow and you need to be treated better and will not put up with this crap.

    • thank you for the advice! I'm currently in the proccess of moving on and enjoying the single life now. it feels good to be able to socialize and flirt with more woman. I'm moving on and am not going to take her back!

    • Awesome. Remember love WOMEN not WOMAN :)

    • haha I will always remember that! thanks

  • Let me ask?

    1. Can she suck the chrome off a trailer hitch or what

    2. Is she so hot that you don't think you can find another woman like her?

    3. She does this stuff to get attention and to make you jealous. It worked didn't it.

    Find someone who doesn't play f***ed up games. Karma is a bitch and she will get hers.

  • She is clearly the one who is in the wrong. Don't get pulled into arguments with her where she will try to make you out to be the bad guy. It sounds like she is trying to guilt you and the best thing to do is just create some distance so she can figure out exactly what it is she wants. Don't hang around waiting on her, instead take Texan's advice and move on.

    • im moving on! I don't like playing "WOMANS" games. I am so much better not having to stress or worry what someone is doing all the time. thanks for the insight!

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