The Ex Radar?

Why is it whenever you finally accept a break up and feel OK about moving on, your ex contacts you? Have they got some sort of built-in radar? Do we send off telepathic vibes when we stop caring? Do they hire private investigators? How do they know?


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  • I agree with adamretex81...this is a really good question. I have often heard that when you stop that chase, that's when you get a reaction. It's their ego. I'm still trying to get over my ex, even after a year. I have tried to stop contacting him, but I think to myself, if I just approach him differently, maybe he'll respond? Never happens. I won't purposely stop contacting him to see if he'll respond, that's just playing games. But it's when you have seriously moved on, then that's when it hits them that you really have.

    • yeah it's weird. For the first three months I hoped she 'd call/text and we'd have another shot. Now it doesn't matter so much anymore and hey presto she calls!

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    • I thought I'd never like another girl again like I did her. But alas 4 months on and (although I still have feelings for her) she's no longer the focus in my life anymore. It just happened one day and it feels like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders! I'm not even bothered about a second chance anymore! I'm sure the same'll happen to you and he'll be ringing you all over again. Just hope it happens sooner rather than later!

    • Well, because I've been on an emotinal twister with him, he's prob relieved I've "accepted" his seeing someone else. Although he said the "no talking" thing will not be permanent, I think it's best it is. Unless this doesn't work out the newbie, and he wants to talk again, I'm better off just moving on. Way too hooked on this guy, for my own good.

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  • I think its because you are no longer chasing them or you just seem happier, and it gets to them because they want you to want them, so they contact you in the hopes that it will spark up old feelings. Otherwise they are still struggling to move on, and can't stand not talking to you.

  • Maybe they are getting over you around the same time you are getting over them... but they realize they don't want to? Or just that they miss you, are curious if you're getting over them, too..

    I know, it's freaky. My ex contacted me a few weeks ago after more than a year... to ask me if I was a lesbian now because he had rumors LOL.. I totally should have said yes..

    I don't know about your theories but my ex is probably crazy enough to have hired an investigator! XD


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  • this is the best question I've ever seen on here. I hope someone can answer it properly.

    i think that when you walk away, it screws with their mind that you're not chasing em anymore. more importantly, when you don't care and start having fun in life, it makes them want you back. best thing is to walk away and get another chick and just stop caring. Have fun and enjoy it.


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