Should I go to her or let her come to me?

OK I met this girl and we really hit it off. We connect and things are really cool. She telle me she has a boyfriend and they are having troubles. Well this is fine with me I decide to keep being there for her and wait the boyfriend out.

But she was over my place last week and things got out of hand and we slept together, and it happened a few days later. Well, after leaving my place the other night she said she couldn't do it anymore she had a boyfreind and was making herself sick with guilt.

I told her how I felt and later that day I hung out with her like usual, at the end of my shift. She gave me a ride home that night and held my hand.

After thinking it over for a bit I decided I wouldn’t give up. I don’t want to push her but I know we both like each other and there is a lot of potential for more. But where I stand now is she hasn’t texted me in a while and I really want to talk to her. I want to see how she is doing. I won't see her in person until Friday, unless I drop by work and say hi. Should I just wait it out or could I get away with texting her?

Last I heard, (I don't ask about them but I do listen when she wants to talk about him) She told him she loves him and he didn't say it back.

I wonder if I go too long without talking to her will she lose intrest?


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  • Let her come to you, her boyfriend is her business and who knows she could be in a bad relationship


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