What do you think of a guy who always comes back after you have cut the contact?

who always comes back after you have cut the contact after a while?

could he be the love of your live? is it better to ignore him if he comes back? what do you think?


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  • how do you "cut the contact" ?

    • if I break the contact I delete him from my facebook friendlist, his telephone number and don`t talk to him although I see him eveyday in school...

    • So you delete him from your cibtacts. Fine, but do you go to him in person or on the phone and tell him directly that you are not interested anymire and wish to stop any contact?

  • He obviously feels something for you. I've been there. Ask yourself what you want and go with it. Tell him though once you've made your decision so as not to leave him wondering what happened.


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