He's moving too fast!!!

I really don't know what to do! There is this guy who was one of my best friend's friends (sorry if this is confusing :P ) and I have been talking to him over facebook and texting him. I have hung out with him twice now and the second time was at the movies with my sister. While we were there he was putting his arm around me, trying to hold my hand, he kept trying to kiss me but I didn't kiss him back. When the movie was over, he asked me out and I told him we should hang out more before we go out. I kind of do like him, but I want to hang out with him more before I go out with him, but now I'm nervous that he will keep trying to kiss me and things like that if I hang out with him again... How do I tell him no in a way that's not mean but also in a way that he will actually listen to me? Any advice helps! Thanks :)


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  • GET AWAY FROM HIM. He's a sex pusher, if second time he tried to kiss you and put his arm around you. And if your friends and your afraid he's still going to do that, then yeah get away form him, he's a d***.


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