Need some advice getting over my ex girlfriend of 2 years

So I was dating my ex girlfriend for just about 2 years. We had some rocky situations and we both thought that if things didn't change we needed to take a break. We decided to take a break and I was all for it. I figured that if we took a few weeks/month off we could come back stronger than ever. After about two weeks I called her to take her out to dinner for her birthday. I read some of her texts while she was in the bathroom and it was from one of her co workers that was very very flirty and even bashing on me a little bit. She ran out of the restaurant and was totally embarrassed. We continued on our break. Come to find out she had hooked up with this guy and was hanging out with him often. Needless to say I was very upset. She more or less broke it off and I was very heartbroken. I loved this girl more than anything. She had some self confidence issues and always wondered what I saw in her. She thought I could do "much better" Its been about 3 months since then and we have been talking off and on. . She told me I wasn't the one for her and she has been consistently seeing this guy that she works with. She tells me she hopes we work out down the road but she can't see herself being with me right now. She always tells me she loves me. I know that I can do much better and all my friends tell me the same. It's just so hard for me to move on. I've decided recently to not have any communication with her. Its been about 2 weeks of no facebook texting or calling. I am starting to feel better but every now and then when I'm alone I start to think about her and the fact she is laying in bed with another guy and cuddling with him and it drives me crazy. This is one of my only real serious relationships as I was always that guy who never really wanted to be in a relationship. Any help on getting over her or meeting new girls would be appreciated. Not to sound cocky but I am a good looking guy I just have a really hard time meeting new girls and acting confident. Thanks


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  • Advice on getting over a girl: Time.

    Take the time to get over her, don't think about her, go get some hobbies, find some new friends. Don't focus on a relationship. Like you said, you'd never been focused on it before, so don't focus on it now. Just let yourself chill and relax and heal.

    You'll find the girls. Go to the beach, get a dog, go to a bar. Check out the girls online. Whatever. Just don't sit and stew, don't think about her in bed with someone else. She played you, and you're going through the stages of grief. Allow yourself to mourn (you've done that), now get mad, get motivated, get a gym membership.

    My ex left my daughter and me for another woman, I cried, I yelled, I begged, I was basically a stereotype, but I got over it. And after a ten year marriage from hell where everyone told me I could do better, I realized they were right, it just took me time to see past the end of my nose. I doubt I'll ever get married again, too many people looking for the stereotypical Hollywood romance, but I do have fun dating and meeting new people, making new friends.

    Look to the future, do all the things she never wanted to do. Life is fun, there are a lot of people out there...Go meet some of them :)

    • Thanks for the feedback! Very Helpful.

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