Has any guy on here actually gotten their ex girlfriend back?

has any guy on here actually gotten their ex girlfriend back?

thansk ppl. so the consensus is don't stay friends.


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  • 6 months ago my ex told me we are to different..pretty much ignored me for months..he was in the army so he thought he was so cool with all his single guy friends..so he went with them and ignore me and didn't show up when he said he would etc..being a total ass..he even told me that he slept with other girls..that was the end for me..i thought OK now he has moved on so fast..so I have to move on..so I went on with my days even though it included crying every night and being alone and sad but I did manage to date a guy trough those days..but all I could think of was my ex..and I was using the other guy to get over my ex..it didn't help at all..

    i gave my ex time and space didn't contact him etc..even though we were friends on fcb I could see things he did and it did hurt alot..but than in July this summer

    he randomly contacted me..i found out that he isn't in the army anymore he's back home..and now we talk everyday..and he contacts me I'm not the one who talks to him..hes a really nice guy..and I love him still..hes not a bad boy or a player but I guess when he was in the army he felt like he needed to be someone else so he ignored me...we aren't back together now..but I want to..im afraid to take the first step ofc but if its ment to be he will..and I am scared of being hurt again..so I don't let him inn like I did before.

    Im afraid his talking to me just because he's lonley or bored ..or actually talks cause he wants me and misses me :S

    • sorry you went through all that. I've felt your pain personally with my ex. listen, the guy is a jack ass for doing that to you. he sounds like a total ass hole and a half. he's just bored and talking to you. get another guy. tell this one to f off. that's the best advice I can give you. stay friends if you want, but date others.. it'll make him crazy jealous if you aren't getting with him. talk openly about your "new bf(s)" I'm sorry to be harsh, but this guy isn't worth it.

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    • okay, but remember, he has to apologize for everything.. he has to say sorry for everything he did to you in detail..

    • I hope he does :) BUT I'm not gonna get over my head now..and think we will date again

      im just being his friend for now and see how it goes :) he's mentioned to me that he's moving back to my town next year etc..donno if his hinting :S

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  • Well I know I'm not a guy, but my ex boyfriend got me back after we broke up. However that did eventually lead to another break up... that's not always the case though!

    • how did he get you back? Ie. by pursuing you, staying friends, walking away, just not caring, getting another chick etc..?

    • We didn't stay friends but that was my decision, not his. We didn't speak for about 5 months or so, and he saw me in a bar one night and came over and said sorry, apoligised for how he'd behaved and it just went from there really.

      Another guy who did something similar (this is going back 3/4 years now though) I broke up with him in Feb, we didn't stay friends, he randomly text me in December of that year after not speaking all those months and we got back together. And then broke up lol.

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  • It's been a little over a year and I'm still hoping for mine. But Iamnobody is right, you gotta move on with your life because you never know what will happen. The most exciting thing about life is that it's unpredictable, and that always works in our favour. Good luck buddy, and to you as well BigBlueEyes, and to me.

  • yes but it took a lot of time and hurt on my part. I waited for her for months until I realized it was getting ridiculous and I had to move on. so I did. a year later, after she'd been through 2 other relationships, she returned to me. I was shocked because I had already lost faith in everything. we got back together and our relationship was close to perfect after that. the truth is you never know what is going to happen in the future and you can't control fate so just leave it be and live your life. let go and move on. you never know if its going to come back to you. and even if it doesn't maybe you will find something better

    • so basically you got her back by walking away, not caring, moving on and getting another chick? Ir you stayed friends with her and stuff?

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    • haha you tell us. did you beg her and cry & plead? Or did you play it cool? did you act friendly or did you get her crunk?

    • oh I thought you were talking to the other guy who commented. ha ha my bad. I just played it cool, we actually became friends first before dating again. which is weird considering the whole "friend-zone" crap.

  • Yes, I have a few different times, same girl..stupid decisions. wasn't worth the emotional pain bro. Unless the breakup was your fault.. turn the other way. tough out the heartahe and find things that make you happy.

  • Nope... but I hope to... so probably still nope.


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