How Do I Go About My Boyfriend Not Bothering With Me Anymore?

me and my boyfriend have been going out for 23 months, and from coming on about a year ago he just doesn't seem to care or bother with me anymore. he cheated on me last march i think that's why he doesn't bother, but overall I'm not sure. it really winds me up though, i adore the boy to bloody pieces! and i have always bothered, cared for with and our relationship. what should i do?


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  • This sounds like a one-sided relationship. You're putting so much in, even forgiving him for cheating, and you're getting nothing in return. Time to start worrying about yourself because it's clear he isn't. Kick him to the curb and find a guy that will appreciate you.

    • Thankyou, I Reacon From This Point Onwards I'm Going To Take Controll And Let Him Do The Running Around, I'm Not Going To Bother With Him Unless He Bothers With Me..

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