My boyfriend hanging out with his ex....

We have been together 4 months, they were together 7 months. She lived with him and his family for 9 months, moved out when I came into the picture. Well, she is always talking to him and calling him babe and sh*t that makes me mad, I let it slide though cause I know for a fact he doesn't talk to her like that.

Well, just recently his phone broke so only communication is through facebook. She sent him a message and he read it in front of me, but I saw that she has sent him more. I asked what they talked about and he said "just stupid stuff" so the other day he left his page up, so I went snooping (which I NEVER do and am embarrassed that I did) but I found something I kind of wish I didn't. I found out they hung out, so I confronted him about and he got made that I was "creeping" but I asked if they did anything and he promised he didn't.

I was so shaken up I couldn't even speak. Took a while to talk about it. Should I ask her if they did anything? It still makes me sick to my stomach... she doesn't even care that he has a girlfriend. I could kill her!


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  • yeah I would leave I'm not looking to join a womens harem

    • uhh... what?

    • a harem is a collection of women that the king or rich person f***s

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  • GIRL,! I'm going through the same thing with my boyfriend. We've been together only two months, almost three. And he's known this other girl for two years. They almost had a child together, but she's bad news for him. He told me he didn't talk to her anymore but one day I had his phone and BEFORE I went through it I asked him if he had been talking to her. He said yes, and I read the messages after that in front of him. I found out that they had hung out also and he promised they didn't do anything. Well we broke up because of her. A few weeks went by and he was with me at school (Job Corps) and the ex is back at his hometown two hours away. He asked me back out and we worked things out but THE SAME NIGHT WE GOT BACK TOGHTER (last thrusday to be exact) she is pulling the pregnancy card. He says there's no way it's his if she is because they didn't have sex. If they did, and the baby is his that means he cheated. So I'm at a complete loss with you. I NEED HELP TOO,! ):

    • Oh my god! WHY ARE GIRLS SO INCONSIDERATE? I know it's hard to get over someone, it's not like I've never been there. But come on, move on with your life! I asked one of my girl friends what to do, and she said to wait it out for a little bit and then ask her or ask my boyfriends sister (who is friends with his ex)

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    • That's strange... Sounds like he is just using her as a rebound. Guys are sick! Well I wish the best of luck to you and your situation! Hopefully someone can come up with a brilliant answer on here to help the both of us out!

    • Exactly,! I hope so man!

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