Why would an ex try to make you mad/hurt??

I wrote my ex awhile ago and apologized, asked him back, etc. and left it at that. He blocked me and now he's been online every single day after that adding A LOT of new friends and put a new profile picture of him and a new girlfriend. Its like he's trying to throw it in my face or something! I don't get it! Wouldn't it be better for him to just say 'no' and leave it at that?


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  • If he has a new girlfriend and pics of her online then it might be best for you to move on. there may be a lot of history between the two of you, but if two peoples hearts are not into the relationship that would be an issue. Putting his pics online in this day and age might not be the best way to go it but that's what he did. If you try and go back with him it might only complicate the feelings in the situation.

    • I agree. And yes there is A LOT of history there. Makes sense.

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  • He probably was hurt in the situation so he wants to hurt you also..remeber, hurt people hurt people. and he won't say no cause its probably in his mind that he might want to try agan later or he just need some space..it can go either way...

    • 'Hurt people hurt people' - that's so true! Thanks!

  • No he's getting on with his life. I suggest you do the same.

    • The question was 'why is he trying to throw it in my face?'

      I didn't ask if he was getting on with his life or what I should do. lol

    • maybe he's not and your just looking into it wrong. I was not trying to be rude or anything sorry if you thought I was.

    • Thats okay - I didn't really put a lot of info on there for a person to be impartial. No worries. Thanks for the answer :)

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  • If it was awhile ago then he chances are he is just trying to move on. A new profile picture of him and his girlfriend is 100% normal and I don't think he's trying to throw anything in your face especially if he blocked you. Some people need that separation from someone in order to get over them and then there's always the chance that you hurt him and he just doesn't like you and doesn't want to be friends.

    If he's moved on you need to stop checking up on him and move on.

    • Well the thing is that not long ago he stalked my profile online and also called and wanted me back, and obviously my comments to him werent well received. But now that I see what I've done wrong he's not quite ready to forgive me.There's A LOT of history here, and I see that he would do this to throw it in my face, to try and hurt me. But the question is - why? I wouldn't hurt him on purpose. Seems like he is.

    • If he stalked your profile and called and you always turned him down maybe he just got over it. Maybe he figured he had to. You can't spend your life waiting for someone who doesn't want you. Really now that you see what you've done wrong he's not ready to forgive you...come on you have to be fair...you can't get mad when things don't work out like you want them to! He waited for you and he tried or at least it sounds that way...maybe he just decided its time to move on.

    • I agree. That makes a lot of sense. He likely did move on, and on my end it hurts, just like I'm sure he was/is hurt about how I treated him in the past.

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