Did she say this because she’s afraid to lose me or did she say it so I won’t get hurt?

Long story short I dated this girl for a little less then a month. She went to a party while we were dating and lost her phone. She couldn’t talk to me for 2 weeks because she didn’t have a phone. Then Sunday night, she texted me and said she really missed me and kept saying she loves me so much and we started talking again. That same night we got into a argument because she was making a big deal out of losing her phone. And how she made us miss Valentine’s Day. I told her it’s fine stuff happens. And she brought up how her ex raped her and she broke down. then I had my female friend who got raped talk to her and now she’s gonna go to therapy. But she said she doesn’t want to be in a relationship rn and she needs a friend more then a boyfriend. She says we’re friends but she’ll say she misses me or says I love yu. She told me not to really wait for her because she doesn’t know how long it’ll take her to heal from that incident. She said she loves me but wants me to find Someone else to keep me happy because she can’t. I don’t want nobody else but her. Today in the morning her best friend texted and said her heart stopped on her last night (heart disease). Idek what hospital she’s at. Her best friend said he’ll have her text me when she’s able to. did she say she wants to be friends rn because she didn’t want to hurt me or did she say it because she doesn’t want to lose me?
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  • It's a combination of both. just stay by her side and support her regardless of what she says.


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