This guy I used to work with, I can't tell if he hates me or likes me?

I should be over this its been months, but I just have to know to get some sort of closure or something. When I first met him he seemed like an asshole so I kept my distance and from the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me up and down and I think he knew that I was avoiding him. He wouldn't approach me and after a while he seemed annoyed and would move away from me or would let the door hit me when I came in. I only saw him once a week and slowly I started to talk to him more and say hi when I saw him and he would laugh and look away or smile and look away. In the office I was talking to another coworker and he awkwardly tried to sit next to me and started asking questions about me. Things were going good until he got fired but I still saw him on campus (it's a work study job) and I would catch him staring at me. It is a new semester and I was working. I was spacing out and looked at the elevator and I saw him but his eyes were looking at something to his left. I thought he saw me and tried to avoid eye contact with me, the question is why? and what should I do about it because I had crush on him, but I don't know...

I just found out he is in one of my classes... so what to do? Guy answers would be much appreciated as well


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  • That is Hard, I really am not sure. Some people just have bad days and take it out on the easiest person. I don't think he likes you as in he wants a relationship. I think he has a bit of an attitude or is a bit dramatic. He might like you and just is unsure about you. the only way to really find out is keep talking to him. Find out who he really is. Some people are just socially awkward. He might think your cute and just does not know how to act. Some guys treat girl like a d*** because they like you . Some that’s just there personality. It’s really something you have to investigate yourself. When you see him make small talk and see where is goes.

    • Lol everyone has been telling me the same thing. I figured it was just finding me cute,but when he heard me talk about myself he seemed interested, but now that I rarely see him and because he acts the way he does I am afraid to make the next move. I should probably add that this happens to me all the time guys look and stare but in the end the creepy jerks are the ones who are willing to talk to me it seems.

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