Will my ex boyfriend contact me again?

He broke up with me because he is going out of state for school and said his heart wasn't in the relationship anymore. He said I'm a great woman but he wants to take this journey alone and maybe remain in contact. I agreed to breaking up since he wanted it and then ran into him at our hangout with friends. He kept trying to talk to me and staring. I told him I love him and wish him the best for closure for myself. He then almost started crying. He leaves next week. I haven't contacted one time. Will he possibly contact me at some point? Part of me still wants things to work out, but the whole relationship he was indecisive about a lot of things.


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  • I'm not a guy but wanted to comment on something I've picked up recently...

    People who still hang with their ex as "friends" or "Lets keep in touch" either means one of 2 things:

    1) I'm gonna hang around with other people and see if I can't get better...but if I don't, I still want a door to come back to...
    2) I want to boast with my new girl/bf and you seeing who I'm with is a hell of an ego boost for me!

    This is cruel and selfish! Why keep other people on a line for selfish means. If you cut it off with your ex at least give a damn and cut it off completely!
    Let the person heal & move on with their life!

    Ok, I've blowed my top for the day!

    Hope you get a good answer for your Q, dear!

    • yeah you're totally right about that!

    • I appreciate the input, these things did occur to me lol!

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  • well...he could be worried about you leavin him while your back home. he may be tryin to be respectful cause he feels he may end up seein others there and be tryin to do the right thing before he leaves. but all in all, he may be afraid of the unknown. knowing me and my thoughts and what have you, if I were u, let him think your gonna be waiting for awhile on him to see what happens when he gets there. do your thing back home but be low key if you wana wait on him without time wasted. there isn't any rings involved..so whatever. he would probably come running if he ever catches wind about you moving on. he's probably just scared! may sound wrong to do that...but it isn't like I said go sleep around...just be friends with others so it ain't like your sitting idol and it may get him to commit! I'm willing to bet he loves you which is why he was staring...knowing he's gonna misss u!

    • Thanks, yeah I'm going to keep doing my own thing right now, and I'm not looking to jump into anything right away, but won't deny myself opportunities should they arise. to meet new people. Bad things is we talked about him going to school out of state and I told him he should do what makes him happy and we could work to see each other when we can and communicate as time permits. He was cool with that then he totally changed his mind lol! Right now I want things to work our for him and me, but I

    • am not sure that I'll feel that way after a while. the behavior just threw me off along with wanting to remain in contact.

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  • Don't put your life on hold on the chance that he "might" contact you. He broke up with you for a reason and while he might be feeling sad about it and missing you right now, it doesn't mean he's going to come running back.

    If he wants to call you, he'll call you. If he doesn't call, then he didn't want to badly enough.

    Move forward with your life.

    • Thanks, yeah I'm not going to wait around, was just curious and wanted some input by others.

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