What should this Irishman do about an ex?

Hey I'm 26 and living in London.

I'm having a dilemma with an ex of me. Can someone give me a bit of advice or tips on what I should do?

Introduction out of the way first, 4 years ago I was introduced to a girl through my friend. We got on great and went out for a month or so and then went our separate ways. About a year later we got back talking and we were boyfriend/girlfriend. She then got accepted to a year long university course in America, we said we would stay together. We did for a few weeks and I broke it off once I heard she had slept with another fella a few days after arriving in America.

She is home now and we have had a few late night meetings. A few times she has banged on my door in the middle of the night looking for me, blowing up my phone with messages and missed calls. One night she went to my workplace while I wasn’t working and urged my colleagues to give her my number so she could contact me.

Last week she told me that she's afraid she’ll never meet anyone like me ever again. How its tearing her apart not been with me. She say she is still attracted to me after all this time. She even said the best sex she ever had was with me. I still feel have some sort of feelings for her.

I don’t know what to do. She's the only girl I've ever loved but at the same time I don’t know if I can trust her. Should I try it again with her? Or should I just move on? I tried my best to meet other women, keeping myself busy with work etc, but I still have not met anyone that has made me feel as good like she did.

Thanks for reading.



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What Girls Said 1

  • what does this mean: "I still feel have some sort of feelings for her." ?

    although she cheated on you in the beginning, you may not feel for her the way she feels about you. you only said that you love her once and it was in past tense.

    if you have "the same sort of feelings for her" than its probbably not worth giving her a second chance. you might end up breaking her heart later on when you find someone that you are crazy about the same level of how crazy she is about you (the best sex she's ever had) lol

    i think it all depends on how much you truly love this girl

    but its all your decision in the end :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Giving her a second chance is entirely up to you, but trust can't be rebuilt over night and she needs to understand that your trust in her is gonna take time. Give her the chance, but if she cheats it truly over.

    • I hear what you're saying. But if she's done it once she'll more than likely do it again. I'll just have to tell her that.

    • If she truly wants to stay on with you ? She won't.

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