Do I have an opportunity with my childhood friend?

Hi. This is my story. I've been knowing this girl since I was 6 years old. In elementary she kinda liked me, but I didn't like her back, but we were still quite close.

I could talk to her whatever I could. She listened to my problems since I liked another girl and she helped me. We used to tease a lot each other, and she defended me against people who were rude to me. I didn't start liking her until 7th grade, however I didn't make any significant move, but I didn't threat her like a nice guy neither, and my classmates realized that I liked her, so they teased us a lot about that.

To make matters worse, in that same year she moved to another school because she was teased a lot by her classmates (but not because of me), so 8th, 9th and 10th grade I was somewhat alone and people starting bullying me.

I only saw her twice in that time and only started talking occasionally through messenger in 10th grade, though it seemed that she was glad the first time we talk in a long through messenger.

In 10th grade, I was really depressed, I didn't really have much friends (she didn't knew that of course), and though I was only bullied occasionally, I became really shy and didn't talk that much to anyone.

Also my grades were becoming worse, and that's when I really couldn't stand it anymore and decided to move to her school. In the new school, however, since I became really shy, and was very nervous, I couldn't talk to her that much. We did talk occasionally but not nearly as much as before. However towards the second half of the year we started to talk more, not as much as in elementary but still. She started to smile more at me, even though I didn't know why.

However I still couldn't make a move on her and the year ended with us not as close as before. In vacations we didn't talk at all. And now we are in our last year of school. In the first day she gladly greeted me, but we didn't talk almost nothing.

I also came to learn that she fell in love with another classmate of ours and he also likes her, but for some strange reason they are not a couple yet. Since last year it was somewhat apparent but not that much.

However, in our second day of school she decided to switch places (I really don't know the motive and I don't want to ask her too) and now she is sitting besides me.

She also came to me and said out of nowhere that we are now partners in chemistry and biology(again I don't want to know why and don't know the motive) and now we are talking much more than before to the point that she teases a lot during classes, she also asked me to buy her something for Valentine's Day.

However I don't know if I really can make a move this time since she likes the other guy I mentioned and also because of the homework my school leave us.

So, what should I do with her? And do I still have an opportunity?

Sorry for making this very long but I had to explain everything in detail so you can understand and help me better.
Also with this guy I mentioned. They talk a lot in facebook and he sent her a gift once, she also said that he wants him as his boyfriend or so I heard. However, she doesn't look that much interested in him recently and the still aren't a couple yet.
Does this affect me in some way?
Please, I really need help with this, can you answer?


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  • I bet you could make a move. Since she's not officially with the other guy, she can't really stop you with the line "I have a boyfriend." From what you said, it sounds like once she met you again, she's lost some interest in the other guy.


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  • I don't know for sure or anything, but it seems as if she likes u...asking to b your partner for bio and the valentine gift thing. But she seems to like this other guy too. Girls can b interested in more than 1 guy. I'd say b honest with her and at least see if you hav a chance. Yeah it cud end up awkward if she doesn't like u...but it's better than the regret of never trying to find out. Don't know how much of a help I was..but I hope it helps

    • Would you be more interested in your childhood friend or in someone you had met for less time?

    • I'd prob care more bout the childhood friend than some guy I just met. But I'd also be cautious because if he'd been that great a friend for so long I wudnt want to mess it up

  • I think she's sort of torn between both of you, to be honest! She probably likes the other guy, but she may like you as well... wow this is complicated!

    I don't really know but I just wanted to say good luck! :D

  • I think you should go for it.

  • It's hard to say but it sounds like she has feelings for both of you. She is probably scared that if you knew she liked him you'd reject her. But also sounds Luke she really likes this other guy. Just be honest and everything will work out. Thanks for answering the kissing question too!


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