Why would a girl, leave in a great rush, after a coffee date (first one),

Claiming that she has a meeting which she had kind of mentioned at the start. Was it an escape route or what? she couldn't even wait for the bill, not like I would make her pay it or something... And then she texts goodnight later on and that it was nice to meet me...

Not interested to meet again or what? should I text her or not?

Nope she did not reach out to me again.

I did reply, just a short "was nice meeting you too, goodnight"...however have not communicated with her since then...So was wondering if she is waiting for me to text or it was just a formality that she had text.


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  • She wouldn't have texted you later on in the night if she didn't have some sort of interest in you. Did you text her back after she said goodnight and stuff?

    • Yeah I texted her back, a simple text too, that "was nice to meet her too, goodnight"... but I'm just thinking, maybe its a formality that she text, or she felt guilty for leaving like that... or maybe she actually had a meeting...

    • To answer your update, she could be thinking the same thing your thinking. It could be she's waiting for you to text her. And she could have really had a meeting. you know? it's hard to say unless you contacted her yourself.

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  • If she rushed off, she's not interested...she may have texted just out of habit. Has she reached out to you again? If there's nothing there, don't bother with her

    • Nope, she did not reach out to me again... just the initial text after the date.

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  • Well, if you had a good time and are interested in seeing her again then text her or call whatever and ask her on another date. If she still seems only semi-interested then I would move on, there's no sense in wasting your time for someone who's not really interested.

    • yeah I guess its better to ask again and be sure, then move on.

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    • I just had this very thing happen to me a few days ago...your original question I mean. In the middle of conversation she ended the coffee date, told me to add her on facebook and left. At least she let me walk her to her car. I added her on facebook but she never added me and has now blocked me. Perhaps it's the same girl? haha

    • LOL.. that's a strange coincidence... perhaps its the same girl... .. Girl on the run...lol

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