How do I get my husband to spend time with me outside the home?

My husband is wonderful, it's just that he despises being outside or doing anything active. He is an avid Halo fan, having just beat Reach on Legendary for the second time (SOLO) if that gives you any idea. I'm exactly the opposite, I can't stand being inside all the time, and I could basically LIVE on a mountain if given the opportunity. I have given in to his preferences far too long, and I think it's my turn for some fun.

Anyway, I have tried getting the kids out of the house (to grandmas) so that we could go do something, but no such luck. He doesn't go out with me, and I'm sick of staying in ALL the time. How do I get him off his ass without busting his XBOX? By the way, we went out almost five months ago (bowling, bar, home) and this is his go-to whenever I want to bitch. "We DID go out!" Blah, blah. How do I go about this? I miss him!


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  • Hmm.. Tough question to answer. I'm not a gamer, but I am a nerd/geek and basically should wear a shirt that says "keep out of direct sunlight." My wife also wants me to go outside more, but generally there is nothing for me to do outside that interests me. I used to do it just to make her happy, but times change and that gets old. I guess I could narrow the options to:

    A) try to find something he might enjoy doing.

    B) Bribe him with some offer of kinky sex or something.

    C) Find yourself somebody else to go outdoors with.

    On the other hand, you can look at it from two perspectives. My wife complains about me not doing things with her that she wants to do, but she never wants to be involved in my hobbies or antyhing I am interested in. That is life, that is how relationships are. We can't force ourselves to like something all of the time just to make somebody else happy. Sure, I could probably get divorced and find some girl who shares my hobby, but there is a 95% chance the relationship would have other problems. No relationship is perfect. So maybe you should concentrate on any good aspects instead of what is missing.


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  • you should totally try paintballing.

    he gets his FPS fix by actually shooting and you get your outdoor fix.

  • talk to him


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