Was a break the best thing to do?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 yrs. I have 3 college aged children living at home with me. We don't live together, but would like to. I work a secure job with a less than comfortable salary. Unfortunately, I rely on my inheritance as a supplementary income. My mother refuses to meet him and will disinherit me if I marry him. He makes a good income, but I would never let him take care of my almost grown children. He told me that he doesn't know if he could continue feeling "hated" by my family, but that he can't let go. I told him that perhaps we need a break. He agreed, but has called me every day since then. Its only been a week, but I wonder if a break was the right thing to do.


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  • How come your family hate him?

    Perhaps once your children have moved out from full time education based where you live, you could make some progress with the guy. Alternatively, try and communicate with those in your family that dislike him - sit down and discuss rationally the reasons for the distrust.

    • My family hates him because of the fact I was previously married. My mother believes that in her culture, once divorced, you are widowed. That's aside from the fact that they think he has been with me for the money (he has his own) and the fact that another man shouldn't live in the same house as my daughter. My mother is old-schooled. I respect her beliefs and thoughts, but can't believe her when she says she wants me to be happy when her actions do not show it

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  • wow...thats tough. I am sorry to say but your mom is almost financially blackmailing u. y dnt you discuss it with your boyfriend. if he is willing 2 support you and your children...wats d problem then? and tell him it doesn't matter wheyher your mom dad or uncle don't love him..coz you do.


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