Is my boyfriend cheating?

Some girl posted a message on boyfriend facebook page and said happy birthday babe. He says he doesn't know why the girl called him babe. Said she was being messy. However he has come home with marks on his neck and says that they are not passion marks and that he was wrestling with his friends. But he is 30 years old. Some nights he doesn't come home and I noticed a new house key on his key chain?


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  • ooh.. sounds like he is.. usually a lot of girls are just being paranoid and normally the babe thing doesn't matter all that much, some girls just drop that word like it means nothing, but you might be onto something. I don't know why kind of wrestling he does with his friends, but it shouldn't involve them like choking him around his neck or anything. you know what passion marks or hickies look like. trust your instinct. maybe try playfully asking him about the new key, and if he makes up something, suggest that he takes you there one day

    • What would you suggest I say to him playfully about the key?

    • if he puts his keys on the counter or something it could be something as simple as "ooh hey babe, what's this for?" (and this'll sound stupid I guess depending on the situation..) but you could include "are we getting a new place? ;)" or a new car or something

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  • sounds pretty fishy but don't jump to conclusion. Has he been more distant to you sexually or emotionally in recent times?

    • Yes he has been somewhat distant emotionally and sexually...we barely talk throughout the day maybe once a day, twice a day is pushing it...and sex rarely

    • that's not very good, sorry to hear that. Were you guys having a dynamic sex life before that trend?

    • Oh yeah...very dynamic!

  • From what you describe, it seems likely he is getting some side action.


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  • Yeah, I would say that him not coming home is a red flag. Does he call to let you know he's not coming home? Is he going out drinking with his pals? Is he a cheater? Do you want to make your relationship with him work?

    I think the real questions here should be: “Why do people cheat” & “Why would he cheat?”

    • Yes, he has cheated in the past...I would like to make the relationship work, however I believe that its beyond fixable...

    • It's beyond fixable if you can't trust him. :(

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