Do opposites really attract? I'm kinda crushing on this guy..but there's this thing that I can't help but let it bug me..i LOVE to be more specific..i live in l.a. laker nation...i know everything, from player stats to who got traded where..I'm not crazy..i just love sports..i actually hope to be a writer for sports illustrated..anyway..this guy is the complete opposite..he knows nothing about sports..he doesn't watch about sports or anything sports..he said he likes playing them..but I think that's not totally true..anyway..other things things..but we have the same ideas on certain we both like be honest..when we talk..i feel like the dude. so? any thoughts?


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  • In my experience, neither opposites or similarities alone attract. If you have nothing in common, then it gets boring really quickly. But if you both have identical interests then you haven't anything engaging to talk about.

    For example, my ex was doing a forensics course, and I a software development one. Every now and then we'd chat about those subjects and learn bits and pieces from each other, and sharing our interests that way; if that makes sense.

    • yea it makes sense =)

  • Opposites do attract, but the problem is, long-term relationships will most likely fail if two people are too different.


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