My ex finally contacted me by text....but what does it really mean?

I wrote a letter like you mention to. The letter was mail on Jan 27, 2010, However the ex fiance sent me a text this evening.

I just want to tell you that I didn't talk to you not because I don't want to but because it would be too hard. I never want you to hurt and its easy for me just? to in silence, rather than have anxiety. really sorry. I prayed for both of us

so I decided not to text back

How she send me another text

"would you sell the receiver to Jose? If not its cool"

This weird cause she still has the engagement ring and phone cause I am paying for it

then I text saying

Hi Jennifer I am busy at the moment can I get back to you when I am free, thanks

the she text

so what does this mean? what should I do...please help Jason

OK sure. sorry I was bothering u


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  • She's collected herself enough to contact you which is good, sounds like she regrets going silent on you and she wants you to know that she still cares about you but the way she deals with things is to go away and clear her head.

    I think she's cutting her ties with you, she's getting you out of her life she she has no reminders and can heal in peace. I think you should just try to make it as easy as possible for her, if she wants to move on let her even if it means accepting back the engagement ring and phone so she feels as if she doesn't owe you anything.

    By her response 'OK sure. sorry I was bothering u'

    She's still hurting, and she's probably angry that you're ignoring her


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  • i guess she want to have your attention back

    • she text me back saying "ok sure...sorry for bothering you" but I didn't text back

      what should I do...

  • Well first of all id stop paying for her phone if I were you, lol.

    Just ignore her for awaile. Let her sweat it out.


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