His best friend controls him and won't let him date me.

I have a friend who likes me,but his best friend controls him and won't let him date me because I apparently look ugly and creepy. I am called pretty,beautiful and cute often but I just started feel better about how I look and it kind of hurts when I can't have someone just because I look a certain way.

I am short for my age. I am about 5'3,D cup,weigh 112 and not much butt or hip. My hair is a little passed shoulder length and its dark brown with natural highlights. I have long legs and long fingers. My eyes are golden brown with a black ring around the golden brown color and I have naturally long and dark eye lashes,so it always looks like I'm wearing mascara. I also have dark skin due to the fact that I am half Aboriginal, I am a quarter Cree and a quarter Mohawk, I look fully native though.

do you think that a girl looking like that is creepy, or is his friend just being a shallow idiot.

Everytime he tries to walk away from the shallow idiot he either gets spazzed,stuf gets spread around and stuff gets started/


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  • I think he needs a new friend, seriously - letting someone else make your relationship decisions for you is ridiculous.

    You don't sound creepy looking to me


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  • Describing features to us can't help us determine whether you're creepy or not.You may not even look creepy,you might simply come off as a creep.

  • His friend is being a shallow idiot. You don't sound creepy at all.


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