When is Secret Life of The American Teen coming back?

Coming back on!..it seems like it's been forever!

I miss that show:(


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  • Is it not back on yet?

    I started watching that with my best girl friend like 3 years ago, we thought it was hilarious and we watched it together at her house, awkward sometimes when her parents walked into her room and we were both under the same blanket. But we also started watching PLL when that started last year, and that's back on now.

    Unfortunately, she went off to college, so I can't watch it anymore.

    • Pll?

      And nope it's still not on.. I love it I been watching it since I was in high school And you can watch it without her:)

    • Pretty Little Liars, she read the books when she was small and wanted to watch the show to see what they changed from it.

      No, I can't. I miss her too much and that was like our thing. I thought maybe we could call each other and watch it, but we live in different time zones and she doesn't have time and all that stuff, so I just lost interest.

    • Oh that's right..my bad I don't watch that one much I don't know y but oh I get it yeah I get thay way sometimes when I watch Slat..I was talking to a guy back in those days when the show was just starting and he'd text around that time so every time that id watch it this time around I would hope he'd text like it use to be

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  • That show blows my 2 inch d***.

    • 2 inch huh?

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    • I can work with that;) jk

      But what do you recommend I watch then?

    • The Colbert Report, Metalocalypse, The Simpsons, South Park?

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  • I hated that show. The acting sucked and everyone talked too fast.

  • Middle of March, I think.

    Haha, I like it too :)


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