He wants to get back together now that I'm going home?

okay my told me 3 days after Christmas " we should break up while your at college " wtf he*ll no fu*ch that sh*it I ain't gonna have my boyfriend fu*ckin around on me. but he wants to get back together now that I'm going home I'm thinking no but I don't know I want to but I wanna know how y'all feel


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  • That sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to have fun with other people, but doesn't want to give up you in order to have it. So he's using "college" as the reason instead of the stress schoolwork, but the people there. When your home he has nobody so he's using you as a reason to still be with him. Forget him, he's acting like a child. A real man will realize that he really needs you in his life so he will put you first.


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