Is he cheating? not committed?

I met a guy online about month ago & he clicked perfectly with me. Things have been great. Recently he came home from work & said he needed to get some stuff done, he'd call me in a couple of hours. OK maybe he needed some down time I went by his place & there was a strange car parked outside. I went over he said he'd done laundry-dryer was cold. We stated to one another that we didn't want to see anyone else we were a couple. I took my profile off the dating site. He still has his and updated it within the last few days. WTH?

Okay so he just phoned me. I told him there was something on my mind but I didn't know if I wanted to wreck his birthday or talk on the phone. I ended up telling him because his daughter is at his house and we haven't met yet.
continued. He said he hadn't been on plenty of fish and it automatically updates your age on your birthday. I apologized and explained that this had happened boyfriend when someone said they were committed but were seeing someone else. He said okay and was
kind of nrevously laughing. He pulled into his driveway and his daughter was standing thee so he had to go.,\


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  • I would say everything up until the updating of the dating site is not a big deal. Don't jump to conclusions solely based on that.

    BUT with the inclusion of the dating site update (and it even being up at all) starts to raise some questions. Just confront him on this, and don't assume or question if he is cheating. Figuring out some more clues before hand will help to clear up the picture a bit. GL. I have been cheated on and it sucks, but it is worse to accuse and be wrong, then to find out by proving it.


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  • He sounds like someone who's wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

    If he's still got his profile up, it probably means that he's still looking.

  • Oh My God. Honey, he's obviouly got his issue. Ever noticed he may require some man love? I mean HELLO what guy does the laundry...

  • WTH? You don't sound clueless. If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck...


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  • I realize this is a question about his behavior, but I'd be more concerned with the lack of trust on your end. You went by his house because he wanted a couple of HOURS of down time, not days or weeks, hours.

    You guys have only been dating for a month, you don't really know each other that well yet, certainly not well enough to be in an exclusive relationship.

    The strange car could have been a rental, a friends, his sisters, his moms, his bosses, anyone's really. Or it could be that he has a housekeeper that was over cleaning and he didn't want to talk to you because the vacuum is too loud.

    If you want to be in a relationship, you need to either trust the guy or get out.

    Keeping his online profile updated is a HUGE taboo, especially if he as said he's interested in exploring a deeper relationship with you.

    I would have a very candid conversation with this guy. You are both adults and a relationship is no good without trust.

    And for you...Stop doing stalker drive by's that's creepy. People need their space, especially if they are single and living alone. Don't be the creepy stalker girlfriend. Be the mature, classy girlfriend who has the confidence that men won't stray because she is an amazing person.

    • Thanks defiantdragonfly and gbowen. I needed that kick in the pants. You're both right. He wanted open communication and stated so at the beginning of the relationship so I need to talk to him about his profile still being up and being updated.

    • :) You can always rely on GAG to tell it like it is, relationships are so terrifying, but it's so worth it to have a good one.

      Good luck!

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