He won't stop talking to his ex. And she is threatening me.

So we have been dating for a year. But he just won't stop talking to her. We broke up a couple times because of her. We never fight used to fight but now we fight a lot and that's just because of her. She keeps calling and texting him. She shows up at his house. She calls me and tells me to back off and talks bad about me behind my back. So now they kinda had a thing when we first started dating but I already forgave him and its all good now. I just don't know what to do? Why doesn't he just stop talking to her? Even tho he tells her to back up and leave him alone he still answers her calls and talks to her about random sh*t. Why?

Please help me!


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  • This guy doesn't sound like a winner. Honestly? He's still accepting her calls even though he's dating her and hangs out with her? Umm, he's probably even cheating on you again and I wouldn't be suprised. This girl sounds psychotic and obviously if he was interested in you then he wouldn't see her. Unfortunately, I don't see a real reason to be in a relationship when he feels a nesecity to be with this girl. You sound like a nice girl and you probably can do better. Find a guy who is interested in you and hasn't dated anyone recently. One thing I've learned in the past is never date a guy who just went through a breakup. I'd just count your losses and move on. His loss.


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  • The more important question is why do you let him treat you this way?

    He's already cheated on you with her and he refuses to permanently remove her from his life. What more can you ask for? Clearly he is not over his ex and doesn't want to be with you fully. If I were you I would dump him and move on to someone that actually wants to be with you. It's been a year, things aren't going to magically change.

    • I don't know, I am really in love that I probably why. We broke up a lot of times but I kept coming back to him. I don't know why. I just really love him. But I know that he hates her , and that he is in love with me. But why can't he just stop talking to her?

    • Because he doesn't really hate her. Don't go by what he says, go by his actions.

  • Then break up with this sore loser


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  • Does he know about the threats?

    • Yes and he tells her to back the f*** up but she won't stop. And I know that he hates her , and that he is in love with me. If he texts her it is just like " leave my girl alone" but sometimes he just talks to her about random sh*t like how his day was or something like that. Why does he do that? And she seriously stalks him,she shows up at his house and everything

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    • thats probably true..

    • I'm sorry, but if you're lucky he might realize what he lost and come back without the ex.

      anyways good luck to you hun


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