Should a guy trim his eyebrows if he has big ones?

I have a sort of small face, but big and thick, black eyebrows. Should I trim them down in size? Obviously not to the point to where they are arched and girly, but with plenty of thickness left over but more "under control"

When I say I have big eyebrows, I mean BIG. I could trim off half each eyebrow and still have thicker eyebrows than your average guy.


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  • em..i really don't like guys do so. because usually they have thick hair, so when they remove some of them it gets completely bright. even if they don't try to shape it. so many girls don't mind it.

    i like guys with thick and dark eyebrows, reallyy.

    jess maccartney had the same problem, but I don't know what he has done that his eyebrows got much better.

    maybe you can trim them from above not the under like girls. even can shape them by cutting them not trimming.

    what ever you do please don't remove any hair from the under of your eyebrows, it looks so badd!

    • Yeah I know, I made the mistake of removing some hair from below my eyebrows a couple years ago and I looked terrible. I only remove from the top, guys are supposed to have low setting eyebrows... :)

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    • lool, so you had already done so, just wanted to check if its acceptable or not! :D

      soo happy new eyebrows :)

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  • if they're turning into a unibrow do it but don't go overboard because sometimes thicker eyebrows make your eyes sexier

    • I thought it was the opposite, big eyebrows can hide your eyes by making them look smaller...

    • not necessarily sometimes they make your eyes have a more dramatic look like an agressive look that's not so overboard and makes chicks go dammmm alfonso herrera, jencarlos canela, thore sch?lermann they're all hot with nice eyebrows it makes a girl focus calls

  • yes defo... to me it'd show you care about your appearence

  • yeah go for it to make them look tamed lol :) but dnt make em look gurly! lol

  • Definitely. If you're not sure what to do go to a professiional.

  • go get them cleaned up definitely. they sound messy and unclean to be be honest


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