Does my ex boyfriend's best mate feel the same way?

Me and my ex boyfriend have been over for 3 months now. Its my 17 birthday in 3 weeks .My ex s mate ask me to go to the movies with him and his little sisters . I said to him I will have to stay in a b and b for the night as he lives 2 hours away but I did not want to by myself and he said he will try and get round his mum and stay in the b and b with me . On the phone in the back ground his mates ask him who you talking to and is she hot and he say if I must say so yes . What should I do ?


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  • Um .. he likes you for sure, if you don't have romantic feelings for him then go to a movie with him, (if you want) it won't be you two alone since his little sisters are there. But if he fixed it where its you 2 and no sisters around go to the movie ONLY if you have romantic feelings for him.


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