Is it likely this will happen again?

I've been with an girl on and off for several years. We have broken up several times due to religious difference.
The first time, we didn't have a very good starting point of a relationship, and we broke up. Within a few years, she got closer to the church, but she also reached back out to me and we got back together.
The next time, we were together for almost a year, and we got a lot closer, built an amazing and loving relationship and even wanted to get married.
She went on a mission and broke us up again, and obviously got even more close to the church. But she got back last July, and we had a conversation since, similar to a conversation we had between the first and second break up.
A friend of mine, who is the same religion as her, believes she will reach out to me again, and I'm her rock and all that. She says once she completely decompresses from the mission, she will do it again.
Is it likely she will reach out again, with past history of her doing so?
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