Would she care enough to notice and reach out?

I started talking with this girl, and at first things were going great. She said she liked me and she opened up to me about a lot of personal things. She did live about 2 hours away for school, but we were gonna spend her month break together.
We made plans and she said if things went well, she wanted to bring me to meet her family. But the first date ended very quickly because she felt very sick and she told me on the way home she thought she was ready to date again and asked for time to get over her ex. She even asked me a million questions on my ex's and how I got over them.
Over the last few months, she's barely talked to me and said she needs time and she knew it was hard in me. But she was a complete asshole to me on Valentine's day, and I sent her a really nice message and she became more and more short with me and I asked why. She said she didn't have anything to say. So after 2 weeks of not hearing from her, I deleted her number and removed her off of social media.
I really cared about this girl, and my friends were stumped because of how often she'd message me and how open she was with me.
She has over 900 followers and friends, did she even notice I removed her? Would she reach out if she changes her mind?
I know I have to move on, I'm just curious
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