Is my ex still has unresolved feelings for me?

Long story short, last August month me and my on-off ex broke up but we were still talking in the first few weeks of September. He told me back that day that he is still connected to me and has unresolved feelings but he found somebody else, he wants to move on. I accepted, so blocked him everywhere, expecially on Insta. Few months passed then I got into a new relationship on December, but unblocked my ex.1 week later on January he requested to follow me, I declined then posted that I am in a relationship. He did the same thing, few days later. I was devastated to see that his new girlfriend is a bit similar to me.1 month later he tried to request me on Insta just a week later when I broke up with the new boyfriend, so he started to follow me on Instagram.
I accidentaly met with his brother on February 27th, he looked sad when he saw me
On 28th of February at 4:00 he stalked my instapage and liked and old photo of me. I posted a quote just for him:You may still love them but its a distant love. He stalked my profile for 1 week, till I posted a quote to my instagram directed to him:Not everybody loves you who is connected to you. Then, he just unfollowed me.

I have been asking around what the hell is going with him and what I had been told is that even though they have been together for 6 months he is not happy with the way the relationship is and they are starting to have problems, her behaviour is changing, they had a hard time when he stalked me, and there is a part of him that misses me. I still hold a place in his heart and mind but he knows things wouldn't work between us again,,
its possible that he could contact me when they will end things?

Is it really true? Guys what you think? You would like your ex girlfriend photo if your new girlfriend is not as good as was in the beginnng?
He never posted a picture with his girlfriend , nor the gilrfriend.


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  • Yes, he most likely has some unresolved feelings for you. But, does he know exactly what those feelings are? real love? lust? remorse (that you parted)?

    • I don't know, but what I do know that he is not in love with me (anymore) but loves me because of the connection we shared. We parted always for the same reason: Me, the woman not giving him enough space, loving him too much..

      Turns out this girl he is with does the opposite : doesn't care about him that deepy.
      Maybe he misses the love, the care I gave him.

  • What do you want? You want to be with him again, you want to be his friend, or you want him to leave you alone?

    • I want to be with him. But does it even matter what do I want?
      Considering that he is in a relationship now it doesn't matter that he stalks me on social media or liked an old post.. what does he wants is a question...
      He is not the only partner I had,, but he is the only I am having deep feelings still after 3 times on-off

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    • I know that sounds harsh but sometimes people have an addiction to each other and you need to go "cold turkey" to beat the addiction.

    • I dont want to block him, neither he
      Maybe we will talk in the future

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  • If you love him give it a go he definitely has some feelings for you still but doesn't know what those feelings are call him talk it out

    • What if I try to talk to one of our common friends?
      The guy I trusted and who wanted us to get back together?

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    • I want to be with him again
      . But I always get clingy and it irritates him...
      Because I lost my father 2 yeara ago

    • Try to be a little less clingy sounds like something you can improve on

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  • By reading the whole situation, I'd say yes.
    The thing I pictured in this situation is that he's not over you at all, and he's unhappy with his current girlfriend because she hasn't qualities you have.
    This could also mean that he's making this other girl unhappy, with him stalking your profiles and maybe pressuring her to "be you".
    I'd say you need to talk this out.

    • Nevermind because He unfollowed me after he saw a story post on May 9 th directed to him saying everybody loves you who is connected to you..
      No id ont think that he searched me in this girl though our looks are similar.. what I didn't shared with you is when we broke up last time, he told me about this woman that she is making him haopy and he is fond of her he will not make the same mistakes he did with me..
      I think maybe The Girl is who is not making him happy anymore and he knows I never stopped loving him, so...

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    • Exactly, he has to rebuild the trust and feeling of companionship.
      Also, I think it's perfectly normal for someone to be clingy after losing a parent (I'm sorry for your loss), and the boyfriend should understand that the person is grieving and needing emotional support.

    • He well understood that but didn't know what it feels like also I was more needy and irritating...
      It was too much for him
      Now maybe his girlfriend is an opposite but what I am seeing is that she is a flirty type just like him..
      Not surprise that I have heard that he can't move things forward now and they are fighting too much..

  • He probably misses you that is why he stalked your profile and liked your picture. He probably will eventually break up with his girlfriend.

    • One of our common friends told me this too, but he warned me not to get back with him again..

  • Well, it would seem that he does still have feelins for you.. Y'all are still holdin onto what you once had, not rememberin why y'all broke up.. Or maybe this might just be the time.. Obviously he ain't happy in his relationship because his heart is still attached to you in a way.. Or maybe he did get over you, but seein you again brought up some feelins in him, and him not bein satisfied in his relationship is what's pushin that..

    • I dont know.. but what I recently heard that he is trying to distance himself from her because they are fighting a lot and he is becoming bored of the relationship however there is a certain parts that he likes...
      A common friend told me that they will probably break up by the summer... because the lots of fighting

    • @Primadonnagirla I see.. But yeah like I mentioned maybe the the fact that his relationship is fallin apart could contribute to that fact that he may want you again.. Or think he does. Or maybe he never fully got over you..

  • I don't know TBH..
    Wrong timing maybe as you mentioned in other thread.

    • But he is definitely not indifferent about me right?
      I mean , if you were a guy, liking your ex old photo after midnight?

  • If you think you may still talk to him in the future you obviously like him you shouldn't get another boyfriend that's not fair to them because they'll always have competition they can't beat so it's a losing battle

  • Yes he certainly does. He hasn't completely left you.

    And you shld talk directly instead of posting quotes on insta for indirect reference.
    Communication is best method to solve issues, it makes things simple and clear.

    • Put down your ego.
      You have feelings, give value to them, say them to the person whome you shld!

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    • It will be something. Just observe.

      Dont worry about future, no amount of anxiety can change it!

    • I want to break the pattern

  • It sounds like he does but it also sounds like he is trying to move on even if it is only half-halfheartedly at this stage.

    • Yes, but it's hard for him because he works near my school and I do pop out in his mind out of the blue,, plus his current and he aren't enjoying love nowadays or I should say since the end of February...

  • Maybe. How do you feel about him?

    • He was my real first love, I mean my second relationship, he was the first man in the planet whom I would do anything for.. but we meet at the wrong time. Our story is just like Selena and Justin,, expect the cheating part. I just loved him too much , didn't give him enough space, that was the problem
      I am an Aquarious woman, he is an Aries.

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    • ununfortunately, he is that kind of boy,, he can't be single for a minute

    • Then maybe he will contact you. Good luck girl!

  • just block him all over and move on with your life

    • Even if I block him,, he works near my secondary school...
      why should I?
      I still love him...

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    • We had an on-off relationship but we were together at least 6 months,, he never used me...

    • He is unfollowed me so nevermind.. maybe he reailes what was the meaning of the quote...
      however our common friend still bring news.

  • Is there any way u could really ask him?

    • I could of course,, but I would like to wait
      Its nonsense while they are still together.
      We saw each other today near my school he works at a clock shop: he was driving next to the traffic lights and stopped at the station,, we shared a look but then I jumped to the train...

  • Yeah

  • Obsessed lowkey


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