Is our relationship or friendship completely done?

A guy I’ve known. 6 months we dated 3 months...

we had a big misunderstanding few days ago and this is my very first relationship so I told him please excuse my confusion and assumptions..

we argued 5 hours on phone  I was trying to explain myself. He’s 26 I’m 21 and I never been in a relationship physically or emotionally. ( our agreements was friends)

A day after our argument he text back and sent funny videos and asked if I hated him I said no... of course not and I thanked him for adding me back

then next 3 days he act so distant barley texting and he never been this way  but he didn’t take my pics off his instagram or my name off his bio.

He just not talking to me and ik deep down he might still be upset. I am so sorry and I try to apologize and explain I never had a relationship. So I’m in a pool of confusion
Is our relationship or friendship completely done?
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