He broke up with me and said some really mean things. He's now dating another girl... 2 weeks later?

One or two months ago, me and my boyfriend that dated for a year and a half broke up. We were arguing because he lied to me (again) and I got really pissed off. But guess what, he is the one o breaks up with me because for the past months I haven't been "myself". I've been struggling with some things and he knows it, I went through depression and cut myself, but yeah. But like, he didn't break up with me face to face, it all happened over text messages because he wasn't in the City and he only arrived the next Day. He said he wanted to talk to me face to face so I went to his house, hopping that he would change his mind. Long story short: he didn't. He not only said he didn't want anything with me but he also said- and I quote- "Since we're being honest here, I started talking to another girl yesterday... She's pretty Hot". I was already feeling like shit, but man, those words... We didn't talk for a few das but then we started to text every Day. Like really every single Day. I would go to his house and we would have sex, cuddle, it was like we were still dating. But one time i was at his house and his Phone was ringing no-stop and I said something like "Damn, answer the girl or she won't stop" and I laughed because I was really Just joking. What shocked me was his answer: "Yeah, I really need to answer her bc I haven't talked to her since you got here". Like Damn, that hurted too.. So I told him that I felt stupid for having sex with him and he saw my arm (the one that had recent cuts). He said he'd stop talking to her if I stopped cutting myself.. He blocked her every where and yeah, we kept having sex, kissing, cuddling, things that couples do. I started to feel used so two weeks ago I talked to him. He said he still had feeling for me, but he didn't want to date me. And I started crying and shouting ant him but Iasked him why... He told me I was shit and if I died no one would care, that I would end up alone because no one liked me. (continues in the comments)
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He's now dating the girl that I mentioned earlier and it is a long distance relationship.. He also felt the need to tell me that he never loved me as much as he loves her.. Is it a rebound relationship?
He broke up with me and said some really mean things. He's now dating another girl... 2 weeks later?
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