How to deal with an ex that breaks no contact rule?

I dated a guy over a year ago knowing he was moving to Australia (I live in nyc) and we fell madly in love. The good bye was terrible, neither of us wanted to do long distance so we were in limbo for quite some time after he left. The year since he’s been gone there are months where we talk and many months in between when we don’t. Usually I ask for space when our conversation turns to actually seeing each other, and he seems to be half ass about making it work. I cut all social media and all contact this past January because it was too hard. This was very final for me.

last spring (2018), he had mentioned going to Coachella with friends, meaning coming to America. I never followed up if he actually booked. He texts this past weekend (2019) that he is in America and after Coachella is going to my hometown of Phoenix and wanted to say he was thinking of me. I became so upset because not only did he break no contact, but dangled a place in front of me that is special to me. I responded short, then he responded short, then I got angry and asked what was the point in telling me if he made no effort to see me. I said if you have nothing else to say enjoy your trip and let’s leave it at that. He never replied...

after almost five months of no communication, no social media I was doing better and now I feel like I’m back at phase 1. If you have ever experienced this how did you get over it?
How to deal with an ex that breaks no contact rule?
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